Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm starting The Love Dare. My mother is not supportive. She explained that I've done my time and it's his turn to do something, anything!
Well, now we will see. I am supposed to say nothing negative for the entire day. So far, so good. (of course, I've not seen him all day except briefly this morning!)
I need to take this test for myself. I'm not convinced that I will make it through.
again, we will see.


Elena said...

Girl, you can do this. Not because of you. But because of Him. God is the One who does this through you.

And you're right... this is as much about your continuing to be honed into Christlikeness as it is about having a vibrant, God-honoring marriage.

CaptivatingtotheKing said...

you can do it jenny :) You know that the only thing you can change is you. And systems theory says if you change part of the system the rest has to change. You GO GURL!