Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Three, part two

Day three went well. I didn't get tickets to a basketball game. I needed to pick up pain meds for him (after his trip to the dentist).
He requested that I get him a snack. Now, in the 6 + years of our marriage, I've never purchased junk food for our home. I would on occasion pick up a sweeter box of cereal or the small bite size 99 cent package of little candy bars. I would eat one or two and Tre' would eat the rest.
My gift to him (i'm not kidding) was a cart FULL of his favorite foods! I spent 77 dollars on JUNK FOOD! I roamed up and down the aisles and if I knew he liked it, I got it! He LOVED it!
He was so impressed he told his friends! who knew! I guess I should have known! ha!

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