Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Two - help!

Day one went over well. I had to get through the entire day without saying anything negative towards my spouse. He was in a great mood and was very talkative, so we had a nice dinner and peaceful conversation. (Not that we are usually throwing food at one another!) :)

Day two - in addition to day one I am to show one random act of kindness toward him. I'm not terribly sure how to do this. I already fix his lunch and put everything together for our daughter to make it easier for him. I thought about ironing his shirt, but my board is broken.
I will need to think about this while at work today, what I can do. Any suggestions offered will be greatly appreciated!

I prefer not to spend money, simply because he doesn't appreciate gifts. (b/c he knew I spent money!) And yet, I love gifts! Even if they are free or inexpensive, but especially if they are homemade!

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CaptivatingtotheKing said...

Find three things that make you proud of him and/or to thank him for. A man needs to hear that he is appreciated as a provider or in some kind of manly type way. Throw them in through the night. The gift of appreciation is priceless as you well know. :)