Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Three

well, day two went fine. I didn't make negative comments and I made his favorite cookies. I also handed him the book. I will continue reading ahead of him, but I need him to take some initiative. (yes, i've been well advised!!)

today's dare is to show that i've thought of him by purchasing a gift. something NICE that says I was really thinking about him. This is where I trip up. not only am I not able to buy the lovey dovey cards at the store (because i don't feel that way), but I don't think often of him.

this means that i can NOT go to my store downstairs and purchase anything! he's not a fan of lw.
but i've got to spend money here! suppose i get tickets to a basketball game. that would also mean that i have to go with him. that's doable, i suppose. i know he would love it.

well, guess i will check that off the list for the day! i appreciate the lesson i am learning here, the pain of sacrifice. the pain of patience and waiting. the aggravation of going completely against your own will. God will plant his seeds and teach me well. I have no doubt.

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